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Cyranny’s quickie!




What do you think makes your personal charm?




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13 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. lol – what a question!

    I am aware that I do this thing…I have to make sure that everyone around me is having a good time. I can adapt to whatever the mood. I can be the clown Caramel, the caring Caramel, the crazy Caramel, the cool Caramel, the karaoke Caramel, the clever Caramel, the compassionate Caramel. I have all the colours of the rainbow within me all ready to go at any given time. Whenever I am with people, I determine what they need me to be to bring a smile to their face and I deliver.

    It’s only when I am on my own that I turn off. And I am pretty good at that. I let my mind have a rest until the next time I am with company, because sometimes being so tuned in to what everyone else wants or needs can be pretty taxing. So I enjoy my peace and quiet so that I can be energised, excited about and sensitive to others.

    My good friends have seen me adapt to any situation and they say I am a deep feeling, funny, flirty, fire-cracker who does not like anyone in the room to be left out of the party. I realized my ability to flirt and faun and also instill confidence in people when I was in customer service roles and especially in the front lime within the NHS. I had to deal with people who were very upset, very angry…and I could win them over. I even had to talk a man with a huge knife into dropping it and letting me sort out the problem for him. I wasn’t afraid at all, just completely focused on helping him.

    Physically I am nothing special, but I do realize that the way I try to keep a happy atmosphere and de-stress difficult situations is always switched on – the moment I am with other people – and people have noticed over the years and they have fallen for me. I have a lot of good friends who love that I do that.

    The only time when I lost that functionality was the year after I was attacked. That was a very hard year for me…I was not myself, and it scared my family and others.


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