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Cyranny’s quickie!




Why is it that when we have to dress fancy, men get comfortable clothes, while women have to put up with things like panty hose, corsets and high heels?




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20 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. My French roots are probably showing, yet again… I didn’t mean in the Renaissance way, just these horrible underwear things that squeeze you into looking a size down, though not allowing you to breathe or dream about sitting down all evening πŸ˜‰

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      1. If I was going to wear a pencil style dress I would probably benefit with one of those. But I have tended to pick dresses that suit my shape. I have the hourglass figure and am top heavy. So normally I would go for something more like a fit-and-flare dress.


  1. Winter is coming and I have to admit I hate having to wear tights (that’s what we call panty hose here in England). They are a nightmare! I am forever laddering them. My nails catch on them. They wriggle down my hips and end up making me walk like a penguin.

    What else did you mention? – high heels. Well…I don’t mind donning high heels for a short while. The thing is I am five foot eight, so I don’t need heels especially. If I have to travel around I will be wearing flats, and then once I arrive at a fancy venue, I will change my shoes. That way I am only wearing my heels indoors. It prevents them from being scuffed and also saves my tootsies. And once my feet or my back start to feel uncomfortable, I feel no shame in going and swapping my shoes again. By that time, it is usually so late in the evening, nobody is going to be noticing my footwear any longer.

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    1. I’ve always thought that panty hose have been invented by a man who hated women. ”One size, doesn’t fit anybody!” Hehehehehe

      I think that’s a very clever way to combine comfort and good looks πŸ™‚ I like the look of high heels, and I am more on the short side… So they do give me a little more height πŸ˜‰ But they still hurt after a while…

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  2. I love my corset…of course, I only get to wear it when a Renaissance faire comes to town. We wear what makes us feel special………never dress to impress anyone but yourself sweetie.

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    1. Oh believe me, I don’t dress up to impress. (I doubt that would work anyway Mouahahahahaha) I am definately in the ”comfortable” team. Unless there’s an event like a wedding, or something, in which case, I dress up to fit in, more than to impress πŸ˜‰


  3. I have obviously never spun in the circles you spin in. 😐 I wouldn’t wear a corset (or girdle) for any money, and I never would have. And have you watched some men get ready for ‘fancy or formal dress’? I have a sibling who was a clothes horse (so much more than I ever was) and it took him hours to get ready. I can be ready to go out in 15 minutes if it’s necessary and I have. My ‘fancy’ dress is still pretty laid back and easy to get into. Tuxedos and ties take a lot to prepare too, at least from what I observed from my wedding.

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  4. I enjoy dressing up and don’t mind pantyhose at all unless it’s super hot out. These days, I don’t wear high heels because my back hurts, but usually I can find cute sparkly low ones that do just fine. I wish I had more occasions to dress up! Men are the ones who complain about wearing suits and ties, in my experience.

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    1. Oh really? And what exactly do they complain about?

      Keep enjoying dressing up πŸ™‚ I used to like it too when I was younger, but now I much rather stay comfortable, and keep the fancy stuff for really special events.

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  5. Corsets! Well that would be different. When you are wearing a full corset you cannot sit in most modern upholstered chairs or sofas. This is because corsets go down to just below your hips and when you sit in a comfy chair or sofa and sink down the ribs of the corset stick into the top of your thighs! True! That is why all the Victorian furniture was designed to have you sitting upright.


  6. Corsets are not really that bad, the web is full of people saying they love corsets, and that’s the women wearers, not drooling men!
    The Victorian lady was brought up from an early age that a corset was necessary, as was a trim waist (not necessarily a WASP waist, but not a large waist). In a sense this was correct, you can’t ge the Victorian shape, posture, movement etc without a corset.

    See my blog for more info.



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