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Random Danish memories…




Recently, Bikurgurl contacted me, on Instagram. She told me she enjoyed some of my pictures, and was interested in using them on her blog, for her 100 Word Wednesday prompts. I was flattered that she had such an interest in my traveling souvenirs, and offered her to use any photography she would like to share with her readers.

The above is one of them, and one of my personal favorites. And it just seems fair that I should honor the 100 words challenge, in return to Bikurgurl’s kind sharing of my pictures!

It will be hard though, keeping to 100 words only, but here it goes…



A comfortable home, and a sharp running bike. In my opinion, you have, right there, the starting kit to becoming a perfect city Dane.

Simple, I give it to you, but simplicity (in a good way) is one of the keys to the well known Danish happiness. At least, I believe so. Even if they have access to all the comfort money can buy, Danes in general prefer not to succomb to mass consumption.

No need to be flashy, when you’re a Viking. You’re all that, and a bag of chips, already!

Ok, I might be biased.


Via 100 Word Wednesday – week 136

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