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Taste of Summer…



Feed me
Late blooming
Dawn dipped
There will be
Time plenty
For Autumn regrets.
I’m forgiving
But not quite the kind
To forget.
Let Winter
Sway its way
Back home…
Cold long nights
Wishing and hoping
You just weren’t gone.
But in the meanwhile
Put on your sexy
Sun glasses’ smile,
And finger feed me
Bite-sized bits
Of this Summer paradise…

10 thoughts on “Taste of Summer…

  1. And I could not, of course, resist a response ….

    At the other end of winter
    When the path had cleared
    You appeared.
    In dreams
    Little schemes
    Tricks of the mind
    Pretending to find
    Melting with the snow
    But I know
    That you live only in summer
    Sun on your skin
    Warm within
    Your world
    Curled up on your bed
    Your head resting
    And testing a love
    I cannot betray
    By looking away
    In a treasonous season
    With no reason
    Just fate
    That I wait
    And pretend
    At the other end
    Of winter.

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