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At bay…



You have no idea…
The efforts I make, hiding
Behind the mask
Circling, always far enough
Always in your back
Safe from a quick look
Over you shoulder,
My shoe soles stained,
With the dried blood
Of those who tried
To love you, in vain…

Your voice floats
Luring souls like
Fire attracts moths
In the air I feel your lips
Casting spellbound smiles
Promise of the sweetest kiss…

But I’m not naive,
Nor am I a fool. For,
The well of you heart
Can be
The deadliest pool.
And for every step
Towards you
I take two steps away,
Though I’ll always
Be yours,
I shall remain at bay…

3 thoughts on “At bay…

  1. I thought it about time I answer with something trite…..

    Can you sense me hiding?
    Can you see what I conceal?
    Can you see the man behind
    The mask of rusting steel?
    Can you taste this breath?
    And can you tell me what you feel?
    Can you touch this heart
    And pretend it isn’t real?

    Do not let me interfere
    Nor think me impolite
    I shall lurk within the shadows
    Banished from your sight
    I shall listen for your heartbeat
    In the middle of the night
    I will be the darkness
    As you will be the light

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    1. It’s been a while…. I really missed these 🙂 Trite or not, I humbly cherish your verses. Thank you, Brutus, this was the perfect balm after a long and tiring day! xx


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