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Good evening, dear Lovelies…

I hope you are all doing well! Almost mid-August already, time flies by… Even when you’re not having so much fun.

I’m not here to complain, I know so many people have it a lot worse than me. But I want to explain why I only answer to your kind comments sporadically, recently.

I am halfway through my second week as an improvised trainer, at work. I am lucky to have a friendly, and hard working ”student”, but having to do this unprepared is extremely draining. The days are long, and the stress has triggered shooting headaches. So when I walk back home, I find it hard to sit and be creative. Or even just interact with you all…

I can’t wait for the weekend.




I also feel like I owe you some news, regarding Chéri’s health. I waited to talk about it, because he and I needed to take time to talk about it first. Last Friday, we had an appointment with Dr. House, and we received the diagnostic we had been waiting for for three months, now. Chéri suffers from a very rare type of sarcoidosis. Just to say a few words about the disease, it is an autoimmune illness, meaning that the body’s immune system is fighting ghost-infections, attacking random organs, for unknown reasons. With a little luck, the treatments will calm Chéri’s symptoms, and make his life close to absolutely ”normal”. But, as I see it, he’ll most likely be sitting on a ticking bomb for the rest of his days…

On the positive side, I have to mention someone who has made it a lot easier to accept this scary news. Scrolling through WordPress to find any information about sarcoidosis, I discovered a new blogger, Basil Rene. Basil was diagnosed in 2006, and is blogging about his life with sarcoidosis. He has learnt a lot about the disease since, and his blog is a gold mine to understand it and what it is like to live with it. I contacted Basil when we got the diagnosis, and he was super generous with me. He shared his personal experience and provided great tips. I am deeply grateful to have found him, and Basil, if you read this, thank you for your great help!! I will definately keep in touch with you in the future!

With this said, there are still two days until the weekend…

Time to rest for now! I can’t wait to catch up when I finally have some time to myself again!



Good night, from Montréal!

5 thoughts on “Cyra-newz!

  1. Thank you for the honor of trusting me with you and your boyfriend’s confidence. Glad I can help in any little way possible. I am always an email away. You guys will get through this. 🤗


  2. Good to hear, that at least your student works hard Cyranny. This may help you in the hard work.
    To get an auto-immune illness is not easy. Some will get more flares than others, so do your best to keep up the immune system by good and healthy food. This helps too, even it can’t cure.


  3. My lovely Sister,
    I know you’ll do an amazing job at work, they’re lucky to have someone dedicated and committed such as yourself.

    I am so sorry to hear about your loved one’s disease… I’m praying for you both, i hope all goes well and he finds himself on the road to recovery and I certainly hope he feels well really soon!
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers my dear!


  4. Good Morning Catherine,
    Two days left of the week and then you can finally relax a bit.
    I’m so sorry to hear about Cheri’, but to be able to discuss this with another blogger that is helping you fully understand everything… That’s golden!
    My Mother has Sjograns Syndrome, another one of the atuoimmune diseases. She discovered this back in her ’40’s, she’s currently 73.
    It’s hard at times, she’s on so many forms of meds, but her body fights it. You have to be very careful with the simplest colds. A normal cold could turn into the flu if not careful.
    The scariest part since all this began with my mom was that it affected her liver.. However, she had medication for this, and is just fine.
    Again… I’m so happy that you have Basil Rene to talk to in regards to this disease. It’s always better to know that you are not alone and have people that care enough to talk about it.
    I hope you are both able to enjoy the upcoming weekend… Try to chillax and recharge your batteries!!💗💗💗💗


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