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Cyranny’s quickie!




Do you have a tattoo? If not, would you like to get one?




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38 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Nope. I don’t think so… What if something matters to me today, but won’t matter tomorrow? Or what if I get a better design for the same thing tomorrow?

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    1. I totally understand your point… I have two, and both time, and I made sure that I didn’t get them to be ”cool” or get something inked into my skin, I just thought was cool at that time. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t think before they get tattooed. And I get how so many regret it, after a while πŸ™‚

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      1. The pain factor is very relative… It depends on your resistence to pain, of course, but also where you get your tattoo… Some places don’t hurt that much πŸ™‚

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      2. “Live!” I had it inked in with my best friends… We both have been through tough times in our early thirties… and we wanted a reminder to live life to the fullest now that it was all behind us πŸ™‚

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      3. We wanted something that was a bit mysterious, delicate and cute… We liked the look of braille with the little dots πŸ™‚ It’s cute and it feels like we are using a secret code πŸ˜›

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      4. And that’s kind of the funny thing… (I thought I was pretty funny) the only people who could “read” my tattoo are blind… and therefore wouldn’t notice my tattoo πŸ˜›

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    1. Hehehehe I like your way of thinking πŸ™‚ Our image is something very personal… Some people use clothes or make up to change it. Tattoos are permanent, but I think I am the proof that you can do it and not regret it afterwards πŸ˜‰

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  2. Nope, I sure don’t. Almost got one, years ago, on a Spring Break trip. The guy there wouldn’t let me, due to inebriation, and haven’t had the urge strike since. I never say never though.

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  3. I know what your view is on this Cyranny, but I am of the same school as above. Even in my advanced years I am reluctant to predict how I will feel about something in the years to come.
    My own son expressed a desire to get one or two and so I cautioned him about how he might view it all in the future. He disagreed with me.
    β€œThat’s fair enough”, I said, β€œyou go and do what feels right for you. But might I remind you that once upon a time you thought it was very cool to have a poster of Micheal Jackson on your bedroom wall?”

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    1. Mouahahahahahaha good one, Brutus! And I hope he listened to you… Too many people get tattoos just because they think it’s ”cool” or because they think what they get inked in is cool at that time of their life… My two tattoos have a deep meaning for me, things that have very little chance to change in the future. And I made sure to have them in places most people don’t even notice them, and they won’t change over the years (with skin loosening :P)

      It is a very personal matter… And I respect both people who go for it, and people who wouldn’t do it πŸ™‚


  4. No and don’t plan on getting one for various reasons, but the most simple one is the fact that I am able to hurt myself easily enough without even trying. I am accident prone! Why should I intentionally inflict pain on myself for something I very well may decide that I don’t like down the road!


  5. No. I am too old now and diabetic to boot. It’s not prudent for diabetics (poorly controlled ones) to get tattoos. We NEVER heal… In my own time young women did not get tattoos, tattoos were reserved for people in the military, bikers and ‘low’ sorts. I totally missed out. I’m not complaining. Who needs “Juicy” written across their backside when said backside is getting really wrinkled and saggy? That’s not sexy, that’s scary IMHO.


  6. I do not have one but I am considering it. I think I should get one to celebrate arriving at 70 years of age and still being here. I am thinking of something like a small figure of a horse perhaps on my ankle. I am unlikely to change my mind about what I want at my age so that does not worry me and with advancing age my ankle is not likely to get to saggy so the tattoo will not get saggy.

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  7. Well yes! I have two of them and I love them! Also if my first one is a small Om symbol on my wrist that I made myself with the stick and poke technique when I was 17! LoL I know very tribal LOL! I did never regret it and I never will! It became part of me. My second I had it done professionally 11 years ago is a a beautiful butterfly on my foot is ornate with vines each of my tattoos has meanings of stages in my life. Get a tattoo is not a easy thing you really need to think well before you do it for many reasons and especially because you do not want to regret it later! if is well executed and has profound meaning to you then you will never regret it no matter what age you are. I still would love a forearm tattoo of one of my drawings…maybe one day! πŸ˜‰ ❀


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