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Cyranny’s quickie!




Ever got published? On and/or offline?




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12 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Yes, I have a published book of poetry through “Publish America”. I’ve seen my book on Amazon too though, and for a pretty steep cost in one South American market. Since it’s a small volume and paper back to boot, I’m not sure why the hefty price tag. I have enough material to publish a second book of poetry, but the resolve and energy to do that (not to mention the cost) has put me off. Maybe one of these days…


  2. Yes, last year came out with a children’s book that I wrote with a friend! It was sooo much fun to write and yes it does make me smile every time I see it on Amazon or hear someone comment about it. It is for children of ALL Ages, so even grown ups that still have a childlike heart! 🙂
    But I just want to say whether you have been published or not isn’t what makes you a writer. When you write from the heart and have a passion for writing, you are a writer!


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