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Cyranny’s quickie!




What’s something you’d like to disinvent?




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18 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. LOL I like your answer, Beckie!! I never trusted these, and never bought one. And now I am glad I didn’t 😛 It was my feeling that there is NO WAY a litter box could be cleaned more easily than the good ol’ way 😛

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  1. Blue tooth. I’ve been caught, several times, either replying to someone apparently yapping AT me (when they weren’t) or being forced to listen to some one sided conversation because apparently that device sucks all the brain wattage away while it’s doing its hands free thing. I’d also make it impossible for a car or vehicle to operate if some asshat had a phone or any similar device activated. Thus making hands free talking unnecessary.

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    1. I never used Blue tooth with my cell phone, but I am sure I’d experience similar problems if I tried! I suck with technology! And I soooooooooooooo agree that there should be a way to make all kinds of hand-held devices unusable while driving! I just don’t understand how other people still don’t get the danger!!


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