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Cyranny’s quickie!




Have you ever watched a movie so bad, that you felt like your intelligence was being mocked?




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17 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. LOOOOOL I actually watched 50 shades with my brother (don’t ask me why we settled for that movie) and it was both a great moment of boredom and a very embarassing film to watch together!

      I am guessing you are talking about the Twilight saga for your second choice? I never even dared to watch one, so I couldn’t give my opinion. But it looked like a cheezy take on the vampire subject… Hehehehe

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      1. Yes! Twilight! I couldn’t think of that to save my life. You’re right. They were horrid. Do not watch any of them….EVER! You’re IQ will drop immediately. 😜


    1. LOL probably better that way!!

      Sometimes I watch a movie and just can’t believe that some people sat around a table discussing… and they all agreed “Yeah, sure! That’s a good idea!! Let’s go, we have a blockbuster here!!”

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  1. I found myself stuck indoors in Italy sometime back during atrocious weather and, in desperation, turned on the TV in a desperate attempt to find a channel in English. Suddenly I was watching ‘Mama Mia’ which I initially assumed to be an attempt at comedy. It was truly horrific.
    The only other one that springs to mind was ‘The Beach’ with Leonardo DiCaprio which seemed to redefine my understanding of awful.


  2. I actually did! A lot of movies are like that! Especially the more older ones! I think it was the way things were back then, movies werent made in the same way!


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