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Longue distance…



3 thoughts on “Longue distance…

  1. What about socks? I don’t think people give enough credit to socks. Socks are the quiet achievers, doing all the hard yards in the dark and difficult spots, and yet shoes get all the glory. I’m outraged.


    1. And I know this wasn’t really about shoes …. but look at the picture. Feet are always depicted either wearing shoes or, in the more risqué publications, completely nude. The occasional stocking gets some exposure, I suppose. But the humble sock? Never.

      I don’t use the word ‘conspiracy’ lightly, but here we have one.
      It’s time we stood up against this travesty so that socks can stand on their own two feet!

      I demand a more sensitive depiction of socks (of all colours) in mainstream media.


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