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Cyranny’s quickie!




What were you like, at the age of 10? Were you a happy kid?





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13 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. I was “over-weight” and shamed into a diet by Mother..teased unmercifully by an obnoxious older brother…would “daydream” to escape. No, I didn’t have a “happy” childhood, but it made me strong enough to get through whatever troubles occurred later in life.


  2. believe I was a fairly happy kid. I was pretty much a loner even back then, hanging with my dog. I remember my mother signing me up for Brownie’s, and I didn’t particularly like it. I was a very self-conscious, low esteem child back then because of my buck teeth. LOL!


  3. As far as I remember, I was. That was the time when I used to live in my older house. I had a lot of friends at home. I remember how we used to fight every other day and then resolve the fights because we wanted to play together. All the games that we used to play. How we used to finish out homework on time so that we could go out to play in the evening. We’d wake up early even during summer vacations because we’d play together. I remember how I used to hide story books behind my academic books to make my mum think that I was studying ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh my god! Your one question and so many memories have come to life.

    But we shifted to a new place when I was 10.5 years old. Things changed a lot after that. Though we own this home, but I have never been able to make friends in the neighbourhood. My immediate neighbours-the 32 houses, including ours, that make up one cluster- most of them were/are old. I was a happy kid at 10. But mind you, I am a happy kid now also. Yes, I am a kid, I cry, I laugh, I smile, I eat, I sleep..I do it all like a kid ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. Yep, I was. Iโ€™d had 3 years to adapt to my parentsโ€™ divorce by then. That was the most traumatic thing Iโ€™d gone through to that point in my life. Little do we know, at that age, what the universe has in store for us.

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  5. I recall those days with lots of love. We weren’t rich, but I didn’t know it. We had a bunch of us playing in the streets from dawn ’till dusk. The end of the day was signaled by the arrival of the ice cream truck. S

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  6. I was unhappy. I had been an only child for 8 years when my sister was born. Then my mom was pregnant a third time and it was a boy. I just turned 10 when I got the phone call from my parents. My heart sank when they said I had a brother. It meant that I would have to share a room with my baby sister.

    At school I was teased about the way I looked. I wore glasses and had an unflattering haircut at the time. I was miserable.

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  7. My childhood was rough. By 10 I had moved more than a dozen times including out of state. I had emotionally separated from my father after he had his first kid with his second wife and wanted nothing to do with his first family. At 9, my twin brother and I lived with our maternal grandparents – a year to give our mother time to get back on her feet after a disastrous year in Florida. At 10, we moved back with our mother in New Jersey and hit reset yet again in another school. The first day there the entire 5th grade class threatened to beat me up. I didn’t back down I started assigning numbers and pointing to kids – you’re first, second, third, fourth….showing a bravado that was based on rage and a lack of options, a 10 year old version of the f*ck-its. The most popular girl in the grade stood up for me – a stranger, the new scrawny kid with buck teeth and bad hair – she offered to fight beside me. All the other kids backed off and I found a new best friend. True story.

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  8. I had a rather tumultuous childhood filled with contrasting ups and downs. So much so that it is truly difficult for me to summarize what I was feeling at specific times or moments in my life. I thought quite seriously about writing a book about my life, now that I’m turning 40. I can’t believe that I survived childhood, let alone made it to this age.


  9. Age 10 was delightful. I was happy and carefree! Traveled to so many places and met so many new people, solved mysteries as well. All with the help of books! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Had super fun with my group of friends playing in the creek on hot summer days just enjoying being with each other!


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