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Meet me…




Meet me in Langeland, where the sea licks the wavy pebble beaches at the feet of the cliffs. I could sit there forever, right on the edge, legs in the void. Kicking through air that smells like freedom, and peace of mind. A wind of change blowing softly through my bouncy curls and on my face.

Follow my butterfly footsteps through the thick forest…Β  See how they spell out the outline of a story so sweet, that honey would feel bitter on the tip of your tongue. Hear the tree leaves murmuring your name. They know everything about you. I have told every secret, my lips soflty brushing on their rough bark.

Look for me, with eyes wide shut. Feeling your way to the heart of Nature, to its very core, where I have made my nest. Our nest. Don’t fear the shadows, for they are, but a blanket to wrap around our shoulders to keep us warm, while we stare at the moon.

Find me. See beyond what the eye can understand. I’ll feed you dreams and hopes until your stomach is full. I’ll show you around, until your heart feels home.




You can’t feel lost, when you’re where you’re meant to be.

17 thoughts on “Meet me…

  1. And so we sit there together. Beneath the cliff. The granite monster towering above us and taking us into His protective arms as we stare like addicts over the cold grey ocean toward an unseeable horizon. And we wonder about the meaning of β€˜forever’. Knowing, always, that it will never be enough.


    1. It is… Definately in my top ten list of favorite places to get lost in πŸ˜‰ I walked for about 5 hours straight in that park, with a 25 pounds packsack on my back. I didn’t mind the weight at all… The sceneries made me forget about anything else…


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