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What doesn’t kill you…



Ink your running
lightnings of dark
bruises all over my back!
Hurt me so good…
Your thunderous growl
shakes my bones,
makes me bow…
Drown me baby,
my lungs long
to be filled with
your burning fury.
a feeble caprice,
if you ask me.
They say what
doesn’t kill you
makes you stronger…
I want to be invincible
almost immortal.
Please, Honey please…
Make me suffer!
And until my aching body
Is torn apart,
I’ll love you with every
piece of my broken

18 thoughts on “What doesn’t kill you…

      1. Well here’s a really good slow mo of what actually happens. Start at 2:50. You see both lining needles (tightly grouped needles for fine lines) and magnum needles (large needles for gray washes and color packing).


  1. My pleas for mercy were in vain
    Now I can’t feel without the pain
    Your every breath infects the air
    And I can’t breathe when you’re not there

    Cut my body, watch me bleed
    My blood cannot fulfil your need
    Leave me beaten, battered, bruised
    Alone. Abandoned and abused

    What don’t kill me makes me strong
    But you’ve been killing me so long
    I think I’ve lost the will to live
    I’ve given all that I can give

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    1. I once managed to ”like” a post twice, and if I knew how I’ve done that, I’d give three stars to this piece… It’s always fun to ramble on about light matters, but I find it much more interesting to take a stroll in the dark! Thank you for taking me for a walk in the gloom 😉


    1. The great mystery of words… Alone, they are pretty defined. A cat is a cat, and a chair is a chair. But knit them together, and they end up with as many meanings, as there are people reading them 🙂 Thank you for your comment, Eleanor! xx

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