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Better late than never…



A little before Christmas, I mentionned I would send out my holiday wishes to some of you, by mail.

I got my cards made, I wrote my short messages, and addressed each envelope carefully. Unfortunately, life being… Well, you know, Life, I didn’t get the chance to mail them until today. I really wanted my cards to be in time for Christmas, or at least New Years Eve. But I just got the idea too late.

Tonight, I gathered my loot and took the half hour walk to the post office after work. It was an ideal night for a winter walk. Not too cold, little snow falling… And I got there just in time to get my envelopes on their way to you all.

I wish I had more to send. Next year, I’ll prepare in advance, and I hope to add many names to my list.

Even if my wishes are a little late, I believe they’re still better than a bill. I hope they will put a smile on your face! And if you don’t mind me asking, I’d like you to just let me know when you get yours. Please?


22 thoughts on “Better late than never…

    1. I did ask them to put a rush on it! They said they’d do their best, but we had some strikes lately, so I am not quite sure what this will mean. If it takes too long, just write 2019 over the 2018 and consider it an early card 😛

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