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Black & White…



My vintage life,
Painted black & white…
A thousand shades
From me to you.

As I put the pen down
Words come alive,
Knitting dreams of themselves
A safe haven for two.

Do you feel my trembling fingers,
As I slip the key around your neck?

Bathing in warm memories,
I washed away frantically
Every pigment left
On my aching skin…

Please come, and color me again
Lay your rainbows on my scars!
Let the phoenix, at long last
Rise majestically from within…

6 thoughts on “Black & White…

  1. When the lights are out
    There is nothing
    But black
    And white lies
    And compromise
    Holding us together
    With clandestine ties
    Over eyes
    To bind
    Lest we find
    A light
    In the night
    Shining down
    On our guilty love
    Before the dawn
    We know forever
    We must never
    Meet again.

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    1. I have missed your poetic comments, dear Brutus! I know I only have myself to blame, since I haven’t written much poetry lately.

      Your well knitted thoughts always make me smile, and this will most certainly encourage my silent fingers 😉 Thank you! xx


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