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Looking back… Day 1.




11 thoughts on “Looking back… Day 1.

    1. Than you, Amy 🙂 I explained myself a little more in the second post…

      This is a Danish Advent candle, and I will take a little time each night, not necessarly thinking about Christmas or the holidays, but just reflecting on the past year and the new year to come… And I’ll post a picture of the day by day melting candle 😉

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    1. Thank you, same to you, Biff 🙂 I’ve never been much of a “countdown” girl, but I have enjoyed the thinking while my candle burns so far. Who knows what these late evening “tête à tête” with my little flame might bring up. 😉

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      1. Yes, you never know! Burning candles are oddly inspirational. I think they cause our thoughts to slow down and to become more coherent and focused (like the flame of the candle itself). Good luck!

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    1. LOL indeed! It probably wonders why there is so much French speaking around it… But otherwise, it has no reason to believe it still is no longer in DK 😉


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