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13 Reasons…



I just finished reading 13 reasons why from Jay Asher.

If you live in Canada or in the States, you most probably heard about either the book, or the famous series that was made out of it. I have no idea how well-known the story is outside North America, but I think it should spread worldwide.

If you haven’t heard about it, it is the story of Clay who receives a shoebox filled with cassettes sent by a classmate who committed suicide just a couple of weeks before. Through the seven tapes, Hannah talks to and explains her links and relationships with 13 people. She walks the listener through the events that led her to finally taking her own life.

To say that this book shook me would be an understatement.

I knew it was controversial. The tv series provoked a lot of reactions when it came out. 13 reasons why is a young adult novel, and I remember a lot of people saying it probably wasn’t a great idea to expose teenagers and young adults to this story. Many thought it was too triggering.

And triggering it is, indeed.

I think we all know someone who committed suicide, or thought about suicide. Some of us wore both hats. And even if you haven’t been affected by the subject, there is so much to be learnt in this fiction.

Suicide is probably one of the greatest taboos of our time. People just don’t want to hear about it.

The novel explains how things that may seem harmless by themselves can add up to destroy one’s will to live. How overlooking little signs one after the other can be fatal in the end.

I won’t tell you you have to read the book, or watch the series. I recognize it could hurt some people’s sensibility. The story is raw. But I think the lessons I read through it are worth sharing.

We should all be more carefull  about our way to treat others. Because we don’t know everything going on in the lives of the people sharing our own. What can seem like just a bad joke or a slightly misplaced gesture can always be the drop of water that will make the glass spill.

Acting kindly doesn’t cost a cent. A pat on the back for no reason, in whatever form it might take, can make the difference. You never know when the friend, family member or coworker in front of you is having a bad day and isn’t telling you so. You’ll probably never get the aknowledgement that you made a difference, but if you put efforts in being nice with others, odds are great that someday you’ll offer this one smile, or kind comment that will change someone’s future.

And last but not least, we should never overlook signs that a person might be silently spiralling down. Taking for granted that others will step up and make the move can lead to despair going totally unnoticed. It is always better to offer comfort to someone who doesn’t really need it, than let someone sink alone.

There are a lot of Hannahs out there. Too many of them.

I think we should all keep that in mind.

28 thoughts on “13 Reasons…

    1. I agree… but a kind gesture always goes a long way! I think some people could just focus on not being mean, and that would already make such a big difference 😉

      I am not worried the least bit about you, I know you are a genuinely kind man with a huge heart, Tony xx


    1. Thank you Joy 🙂

      There is so much going on in everybody’s lives, that we don’t know about… And I think that trying to bring something positive to someone’s day can only be a good thing. And eventually make the others act the same with you, maybe when you need it most 🙂

      *Big hugs* xx


    1. Exactly! I think that sometimes, when we have a bad day ourselves, we might tend to be slightly mean, even if it is not meant to really hurt others… After reading this story, I’ll try to be extra careful not to add to others’ hurt.

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  1. That sounds powerful and fascinating, though definitely not light reading … Definitely intriguing, though, and relatable (Even those of us who have not been in Hannah’s place probably know at least one person who has).

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    1. It is a very powerful, eye-opening read, indeed! And although I knew the story when I bought the book, I was surprised to see how profoundly it it shook me to walk in Hannah’s shoes… Definately a story that changed the way I look at Life. xx

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    1. I agree…. Not talking about suicide will not make this plague go away. And I don’t think that having open-hearted conversations about it will not drive more people to do it either… It can only help a couple of drifting souls back to hope life can get better 🙂 I definately have to see the series now!

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    1. I have to get it on dvd! I can’t imagine how people managed to wait week after week to watch it on tv!! I went through the book in no time. I didn’t want to put it down… Felt uneasy most of the time, but I just had to continue reading!

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  2. Be kind or be quiet sometimes it’s harder than it sounds. I’ve had the book for over a year. My daughter wanted to watch the series and I said not yet. I got the book thinking I would read it first and then decide if she should watch it. I haven’t read it yet and she hasn’t wanted to watch it again (13 yrs old). This is one of those books that I know will have great meaning…I just don’t have the emotional bandwidth to tackle it right now. I thank you for your thoughtful post about it. In my mind, kindness is always the answer, the question is subject to change though.

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    1. I totally agree, Bryce! Isn’t it funny how something that seems so natural takes so much work to actually put into action?

      I agree that 13 is probably still a little early to go through this disturbing story… I think it is a great idea to read it yourself first. And I can totally understand why you didn’t yet. It is the kind of book you have to be ready for. I learned about it quite some time ago, and I knew I’d read it too, but for some reason I waited too. When I saw it on the stand, a couple of weeks back, I felt ready. And I am glad I bought it then.

      How are you doing? Pulling through the rough times? I am very on & off lately, and I am sure I missed some of your posts… I just hope things are ok for you! *warm hugs*

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      1. Thanks for your concern Cyranny. I’m going through the shades of grief and exposing some of the ugly bits of it along the way. I’m feeling more acceptance lately, it’s a process. I do appreciate my blogging friends, the familiar avatars that greet me as a like or a comment and I feel the virtual love – thank you for being among them.


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