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When Mother Nature gets pissed…

It’s been raining pretty heavily tonight.

I was sitting down, trying to write something lovingly romantic, juggling with words, and enjoying my evening, when something caught my attention.

A weird noise coming from outside. Something I had never heard before. My best guess was that someone was playing with a manhole cover. But who would be strong enough to lift a manhole cover, just to let it bang back into place? Why would anyone do that? In the pouring rain, this late at night??

I looked out the window, but couldn’t see anything. The noise, though, was getting stronger, and the banging more and more frequent.

I went downstairs, and brought my tablet along… Here’s what I saw, from our front porch! (Sorry, the image is not super clear, but zooming at night does not give the best videos…)



Ok, I know, nothing compared to what just happened in North Carolina… But still very impressive in Freezingland!

8 thoughts on “When Mother Nature gets pissed…

  1. That’s incredible considering how heavy they are. Maybe the person who parked their white car there should choose a different spot! Yikes! Is it flooded sewers that cause this? If so, I recommended packing up to higher ground!πŸ˜‚ Either that or you could film it for a music video that would go viral! ❀️


    1. It was quite scary! I kept my distance (hence the blurry video, since I had to zoom in) Luckily, it only lasted a couple of minutes… The same night, there was a type 3 tornado in a city just a couple of hours drive away from Montreal… All in all, we got lucky!

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