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Lie in it!



It hurts, doesn’t it?
It hurts like Hell…
I know the feeling
All too well…
I tried to warn you
But you dissed me
Dare not expect
My sympathy
I’m not like you
I won’t rejoice
Nor offer pity
It was your choice
Your tears don’t trouble me
The least bit!
You made your bed,
Now lie in it!

18 thoughts on “Lie in it!

    1. I knew it might look that way but it isn’t… Well no one who would read it anyway. Revisiting some old memories after a conversation with a friend. It is nice sometimes to play with darker stories, rather than my usual pink goggle tales 😛


    1. Thank you, Princess! I hesitated before writing this one, and then about posting it. I usually prefer to stay away from these kinds of feelings, but they are part of anyone’s life, I think, so I went ahead despite my doubts 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it! xx

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    1. Hehehe… I think we’ve all faced that kind of situation. But the inspiration doesn’t come from a recent event. As they say “Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.” LOL


      1. That kind of disclaimer is good here because that’s likely. What makes me laugh is when you have a weird sorry like in sci fi and they use it and I’m like really?!? You still have to use that lol


  1. Surprise, surprise
    The tables have turned
    I thought that I warned you
    ‘Bout a woman spurned
    You led by example
    And look what I learned
    Now there’s no turning back
    All your bridges have burned

    I looked a lover
    Found them standing in line
    Life since that moment
    Is all roses and wine
    Yes, I found someone else
    And we’re doing just fine
    So go make your bed
    ‘Cause you ain’t sharing mine

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    1. Thank you, good Sir! Again you surpass my initial poem, and I won’t complain at all! Sometimes I feel like I write in parts to tickle your inspiration 🙂 As long as that works, I’ll be a happy wannabe poet xx


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