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Sigh of relief…

My oh my… I am back!

I mean, I wasn’t away. But the sudden death of my late keyboard forced to an almost 48 hours cessez-le-feu writing wise. And since I had been relatively productive as of lately, it was quite a bummer.

I was off from work today. The plan was not to get out of home… I wanted to sleep late, take care of a couple of house chores, write and cook something yummy.

Think again, girl!

I did the sleeping late part. Because until the end of summer, I need to take advantage of every morning I don’t have to put an alarm clock on. But the rest of the day didn’t go as planned.

A quick chat with a kind friend, about my apparently debatable sanity, confirmed what I already knew. I needed a new keyboard. Not tomorrow, not within four days through Amazon, not as a Christmas present…

I had to go keyboard hunting. And I did.

I knew I’d enjoy my trip to the mall, but I equally didn’t want to leave my dear pajamas… Quite the dilema, really! I thought about the messages piling up in my inbox, and I knew my pjs would wait.

I like taking the subway by myself. Even if Montrealers, in general, are warm welcoming people, there is a metro unwritten rule against eye contact. I don’t know why, but once you are underground, it seems like a crime to look straight at other people.

I like to go against that rule. I’ll sit somewhere, and spot people in the next wagon, and wait for someone to look my way. A common reaction would be to look away, but I don’t. I don’t stare in a creepy way, I just don’t elude people looking at me. Some of them quickly turn to look somewhere else, others give little peeps back, obviously wondering if I am still looking. Some last longer, but I always win. I must admit, I have the advantage of knowing this is a game. I kind of wonder if people go on with their day, wondering what this was all about… It’s silly, I know, but it makes the travel pass quicker!

So.. I did get to the mall, which is one of Montréal’s major ones. I like malls (one exception: I aaaaabsolutely can’t stand malls during Christmas time), but not for the shopping itself. I think that walking in a crowded mall is like watching an ant colony. Or like playing “Where’s Waldo?” live. Only there is no Waldo, or is there?

Anyway. I walked to the Stapples store (Bureau en Gros, here in Québec) and went straight to the Holy Grail’s aisle. I knew exactly which keyboard I wanted, and I was sure they’d be out of stock (because, you know, Murphy’s Law) but I did have my sanity-doubting friend keeping everything crossed on the other side of the ocean!

She obviously did a pristine job, since they still had not one left, but TWO. No… I didn’t buy both, but it wasn’t long, before I walked out of the store, and back to the subway (picking some Lebanese restaurant take away delicacy for dinner before leaving the mall) and home again.

I feared that the new keyboard would offer resistance. It wouldn’t have been the first piece of electronics playing (very efficiently) with my nerves. But to my surprise, it is probably the most user (me) friendly thing I ever bought! I think New-Keyboard and I are going to be good friends.

The withdrawal symptoms have subsided now… No more tremors. No more shortness of breath, no more cold sweat.

You’re stuck with me!

Mouahahahahahahaha (evil laugh)

13 thoughts on “Sigh of relief…

  1. Welcome back, Sis! We missed you. And not only did you get an awesome keyboard, you got an awesome blog post out of it! It’s a two-fer.

    And I must admit, I am a closet people-watcher. I love going to the mall for that reason. I rarely buy anything … I just like looking at all the people bustling about, as you said, like ants. It’s much better than anything TV has to offer!

    Good luck with your new keyboard. If it gives you any trouble, let me know and I’ll send it a warning letter. I’m thinking maybe Q. Or perhaps one with a tilde over it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you BibibibibibibibibiiiiiiiiiiF! (Geez, how long have I been following you, already? I bet you thought this craziness over your name would wear off, uh? Nope!)

      Yeah, I love watching people. Mall crowds are the best, nobody’s paying attention, and you get to imagine what everybody’s going through… The little dramas, the happy occasions, the young people just socializing… Glad we’re on the same page 😉 Maybe we could go spend some time there, when I visit Texas, someday! That’d be an awesome thing to try out 😉

      I forwarded the message to Mr New K! I added that you had a history of hanging mice by their USB cables, and torturing screens… I have a feeling it’ll keep a low profile, at least for a while 😉



  2. Welcome back! 🙂
    LOL at your little game with the looking at people until they look your way!
    What is a mall? Haha! I say that because the malls around here are so dying. Its rather sad, but its just the way it is.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Joy 🙂

      About the “staring at people” game… It might be silly, but I hope it makes them feel like they got some attention when they least expected it. We, humans, like attention 😛 If I can give a little, I’m glad to make people feel “special” for a short moment… hehehe


  3. We feel kind of lost without our gadgets, don’t we? Remember when we had to write things with a pen, and nobody saw our efforts unless we put it under their nose.


  4. You crack me up! 😊 I always remember commuting in London on the tube and no one ever made eye contact – ever. So i’m sitting opposite this girl who was very glamorous and she had her nose stuck right up in the air. There was no way she was going to look at anyone in that carriage. Then we noticed the zip on her pants was open and her underwear was showing. The commuters sitting by me noticed it too and we all started snickering. She was completely oblivious to it. If she hadn’t been so snooty we might have told her. 🤭


  5. lol glad you and gadget are mates … love this post 🙂
    # if getting out of pj’s was an issue you could have worn them to the mall, started a new fashion, trending pj’s at the mall
    # smiling or winking is much more fun and kids will get it and join in … dare ya!


  6. Muahahahaaa back. Hope you didn’t suffer too much and that Metro Game sounds fun. Shame the next underground for me to get on to is about three hours away by car 😉👍. Have a great week!


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