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I know how to
stitch, know how
to sew on…
I know how to
bring all the pieces
back to one.

I know,but
I choose my heart
not to mend.
For you cannot
break again what’s
already broken.

Forever you shall
remain, my very
favorite scar. And
that, my Dearest, is
just how painfully
special you are…



Via today’s Daily Prompt: Broken

18 thoughts on “Unmended…

  1. Hear the thunder
    From above
    The sound of falling
    Out of love

    Raindrops bursting
    Sky of black
    From here there is
    No turning back

    Hearts are broken
    Tears are shed
    The sheets lay cold
    Upon the bed

    They can’t be fixed
    There is no glue
    To reconnect
    Both me and you.

    So close the curtains
    Slam the door
    The world won’t see me

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