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After Eight Moments…



Let’s throw caution
to the wind, Dear!
Forget Spring’s
silly foreplay…
I want to nestle
in your warm
Summer arms
right away!




If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here.

Description for the visually impaired: Close up on a couple of recently bloomed dandelion flowers, in the sunset light.




23 thoughts on “After Eight Moments…

    1. 😉 I don’t know how it is down South, but here, Spring has a habit of lasting a day or two… We switch from winter almost straight into summer.

      This picture shows just that…. a couple of days back, it was still kind of chilly at night, and today, this warm light wishing the newly bloomed flowers…. *Sigh* Seems like we’ve overcome yet another winter after all 🙂 Yay us!!


      1. “Down South” Haha… Being in New England, I’m kind of North… but not as north as you, I guess.

        The same thing happens here. Winter lingers and we barely get spring before summer hits. I hate that, though. Spring is my favorite season… 🌼

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      2. Yeah… you’re pretty hight North for the rest of the states, but for us, Froggies, you’re still a Southern neighbour 😉

        I’ll send a message to Mother Nature, so she stretches spring a little this year… Just for you 🙂 *Hugs*

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    1. I love them too… I don’t know who decided they were “bad plants” but they were probably the first flowers I enjoyed picking up as a child, and I always liked the fact that they were one of the first signs of spring! 🙂

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  1. Beautiful shot! I love the composition of this photo, you did an exceptional job!! Thanks for stopping by to share this link with me, I appreciate seeing photos taken at ground level!! xx


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