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Random Danish memories…



Denmark is one of the (if not THE) cleanest countries I visited so far. No matter the size of the city, wether you visit Copenhagen or a small countryside town, littering is not in Danes’ genes.

But… Yes, there is always a “but”.

On weekend nights and holidays’ evenings, things suddenly change. Reserved and quiet Danes all over the country turn from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde, and the party begins. Viking roots kick in full blast, and you can find empty cans, left over drinks, and even unopened alcohol drink bottles on every other street corner. Skål (Danish for “cheers”) festival begins. Suddenly, throwing garbage around is no longer unacceptable.

Hey! Who wants to bother looking for a trashcan while having fun, right?

But worry not. Unless you weren’t invited to the party, or simply don’t appreciate the heavenly comfort of Danish duvets… You’ll never notice that punctual messiness. Because as soon as the sun rises, workers pop out of the blue to clean everything up.

And the streets will most likely be prestine when you walk out to get your morning tebirkes (poppy seeds covered pastries).





26 thoughts on “Random Danish memories…

  1. How good of the Danes to care enough, most of the time, not to litter. I can’t understand how people can just toss their garbage around. It’s unsightly, and a lot of times dangerous to animals and of course, the environment.

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  2. This reminds me of Swedes so much, which actually isn’t very surprising as they’re all Vikings, but still there are differences between them. I hadn’t have a chance to really explore the country like you had and I’ve only been in Sweden for a week but I was in Stockholm and in nearby areas and we spent a lot of time just people watching and there is so so very clean EVERYWHERE. I wasn’t able to see them partying, but I know they also really appreciate their alcohol at weekends and I know a lot about their parties from my Swedish teacher, how they transform completely when the night comes from cultural, reserved, maybe a little withdrawn people to really laid back, spontaneous and crazy and how they really know how to have fun. And at the next day, no matter how much of the fun they had and for how long, no matter how much of a hangover they have, they’re ready to start their orderly, disciplined and civilised life again, being as hardworking as if nothing had happened. I love it about them. They know the art of having fun, and they’re still so disciplined and hardworking when it’s needed. I don’t think anyone can be as good at both as the Vikings are. 😀

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    1. OMG, thank you so much for validating that I’m not making this up 😛

      I believe that the same must be true pretty much everywhere in Scandinavia, but I know Denmark far better, so…

      What surprised me the most, in Sweden, was how people were respectful of subway wagons… I traveled in some coaches that were obviously very old, yet, there was no graffiti in them. Here in Montreal, people tag them as soon as they get on the circuit.

      We have a couple of things to learn from them Vikings 🙂 Thank you for the great comment!! xx

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      1. Yeah, they’re just so orderly and clean and I suspect that it even could be possible they just wouldn’t get the idea of flooding them with graphiti, they would maybe be even indignant if someone suggested they could do something like this. 😀 Yeah, we all the other nations have a lot to learn from them if we still want to be called civilised or developed. 😀

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  3. It’s something of
    An ethical clash
    When I find myself
    Creating trash
    In a country that
    Has always been
    Squeaky clean
    ‘Cause recently
    When on the drink
    Those ethics took a dive
    I think
    I’m leaving debris here and there
    Evidence left everywhere
    Holy cow
    I’m so ashamed
    For this mess
    I will be blamed
    Holy shit
    Just dropped my beer
    Never mind
    Another’s near.

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  4. Har! And it’s not just the cities, either! Miles and miles of beach, and not a single candy wrapper!
    Ditto on the Viking roots coming out as well 😁 – open the bar and watch ’em go (hinted at in the Denmark Saga Verse III). What I loved most is that they tend to be cheerful drunks – or they turn into romantic poets.

    Fun story:
    When I was a teen, my parents and I went to Crete. Quaint little village, with only a small-ish cluster of apartments/bungalows for the tourists. A pool and a bar… and a bunch of college-aged Danes. All the locals adored that group, because during the day they were the most well behaved, polite and easy-going guests you could wish for. In the evenings they’d eat every scrap of food at the little restaurant, then rack up bar tabs that kept the economy of western Crete going for a year, and they provided entertainment on top of that (climbing trees and vaulting into the pool with Tarzan yells, crooning local folk songs and making a hilarious mess of it…)
    Come morning they were sweet as lambs again. 😆

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    1. Oh my, that’s a great thing, you pointed out! To be honest, I have noticed too, but I was afraid it was just my pink goggles!! LOL Danes are, indeed the most pleasant drunk people I’ve been around! I haven’t seen one mean drunk Dane in my 3 trips… And I’ve seen my share of more than tipsy Vikings, believe me! (but I know you do :P)
      Some are loud, but I’ve never seen an aggressive one!!

      I’m thinking, maybe it is because alcohol just emplifies how you feel inside. And since Danes are supposed to be among the most content with their life, it’d just be normal that they are happy drunks 🙂

      I love your story about Crete… And I have absolutely NO problem imagining the scene! LOL Danes are the total win/win package for vacation spots like that!! No wait, let me rephrase 😛 Danes are the total win/win package, period! 😉

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      1. Naw, we have just very slightly cherry-blossom colored goggles 😊
        Because scientifically speaking, between us we’ve got enough data from direct observation to assert that we’re on to something!

        But yea, I never said they weren’t loud 😜 – just cheerfully so (except for the lad who dozed off, however he manged that with all the merriment going on).
        Good memories…


      2. I agree, we are definately on to something! I haven’t found anyone who thoroughly dislike Danes, other than other Scandinavians (and I suspect that there is a little bit of envy there… LOL)

        And, just so they know… I love all Vikings, I just wish they all lived in Denmark LOOOL


  5. Sweden even import trash as we use it for energy. Boom! We are world leaders when it comes to recycling. And Norway’s has a plan to become the first country with most autonomous driven vehicles.

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    1. I know…. These garbage incinerators are an awesome idea. I bet most people just passing through Copenhagen couldn’t even imagine they are looking at a plant that burns trash!! I haven’t seen any of Sweden’s but Vikings in general totally rule when it comes to be environment-friendly!! 🙂

      I must admit I am not a big fan of these cars you don’t need to drive… I must be too old school, but I just couldn’t have one, and wonder everyday when the day would come, that the built-in computer would go crazy while I am going 100 km/h on the highway…. LOL


  6. that sounds like my kind of country! unlike Ireland, which is covered in litter! actually on the beach the other day I saw a ton of litter! and people seem to have no quams about throing it either. sad! xxx


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