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Quick survey…

Hello Lovelies,

This will be short (yeah, yeah, yeah…) because I have things to take care of. But I was replying to a comment from Eleanor just a few minutes ago, and the always fabulous lady gave me an idea, and tickled my curiosity.

As writers, our characters live in our minds, and we usually have a pretty clear idea of how we picture them. But that’s the beauty of writing/reading. It leaves free interpretation to each person having a look at the story.

If you’ve been around The Cove for a while, you probably know Cibelle and Vohne. (If not, you can catch up here)

So, here’s the point of this post… How do you see my beloved couple? Which actor/actress would you cast to play them? I’m really curious to see how you imagine them!

Can’t wait to see how this “survey” turns out 🙂




32 thoughts on “Quick survey…

  1. does it count if I see them as actors that came way before your story? I mean, not that I see them as dead people, but that they would be great characters for Claudette Colbert and Cary Grant to play….I don’t know of too many “new’ actors.

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    1. It is totally fine by me 🙂 I just want to see the mental picture people have of the two of them 🙂 And I really like your pick! Especially Claudette… With her soft, mysterious look, she’d make a good Cibelle 🙂 Thank you, Suze!! xx

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      1. I agree… Jack Black is just awesome!! And I loved how he got to play this charming character after all the silly comedy movies he had done.

        Completely out of subject, but have you ever watched “Drunk History”, Sonofa? Jack played in it, and it was sooooooo funny 🙂

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    1. I love them both, and Jude would be an interesting choice for Vohne, but in my head, Cibelle has a very innocent and naive look. Almost child-like. I love Kate, but she looks too “smart” to me 😛

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  2. Strangely, they are quite clear in my head, but I haven’t assigned them any actors. Sometimes I write a character based on a way I think a particular actor would portray them, but often (especially the more vivid and realised ones) they just have a life and appearance of their own, and Cibelle and Vohne are very much their own creatures in my mind.

    Still, if I was pressed to choose, I might opt for Gwyneth Paltrow and Colin Firth, both circa 1995 (Good year for Jane Austen adaptations, that was …).

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    1. I totally understand, Eleanor. When I wrote “M”, I had Mads Mikkelsen in mind while giving life to Gabriel Madsen, and one of my friends as Maryse.

      With Cibelle and Vohne, it was the opposite. They just popped in my mind when I wrote “Frazil” and are completely made up… I see them clearly now, and though some people could resemble them, I guess that no one could portray them quite exactly as I see them 🙂

      Interesting choice you made… Especially Colin. I hadn’t thought of him, but I agree that he would fit pretty well 🙂 xx

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    1. Ooooh, I like the Johnny Depp/Mary Stuart Masterson duet. Especially Mary!! I think that the character of Joon has this innocent and naive side that Cibelle has too, even if she isn’t mentally challenged.

      Great pick, Trina 🙂 But I might be biased, I love this movie so much 😛

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