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On your lips…


Left a kiss, on
the corner of
your lips… Pending,
waiting for an
approval, ready
for blooming, a
kiss almost floral…

A Spring kiss, to
kiss your Winter
thoughts away…
Sweet and moist,
warm like a late
May day…

Longing for your
lips, feeding on
thy soft breath,
Hoping you’ll
welcome its
lingering caress…




36 thoughts on “On your lips…


    Left a note on the dining room table
    Requesting that, if you are able
    We might meet in another dimension
    Where I may once again state my intention

    Have some feelings for you and I only
    Have some wishes that you are still lonely
    Have some memories that still need reliving
    Have some errors that still need forgiving

    Left a kiss where I hoped you might find it
    Left the past in the hope to unwind it
    Left my ego so I might ignore it
    Took your heart so that I may adore it.

    Hmmm …. I think I lost track of your original theme after about the first line. Some things just take thier own course.

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    1. Dear Brutus, you are such a mystery… Part of me wishes I could sit with you and unravel all your riddles. The other just enjoys walking along your blurry lines… Thank you for this beautiful poem, again! xx


    1. Hello, Isadora 🙂

      Thank you for the kind words! Yes, spring is slowly coming our way… I hope it doesn’t get lost before we get to enjoy it, eheheheh

      Warm welcome to the Cove, I hope to see you around again soon! xx


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