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Random memory…



I miss Denmark this morning…  Ok, I often do, and when it happens, it is just random souvenirs that pop to my mind, that make me sigh, and wish I could just jump in some teleporter machine that would just, well yeah, teleport me in Vikingland in a flash.

Today I was thinking about my visit to Den Blå Planet. The large aquarium, that looks like a UFO from the outside, is the home of countless sea creatures, and well worth the visit! The main attraction of the site is the tunnel going through the largest aquarium. I spent much time there, watching sharks and mantha rays (among many others) swimming above my head, chilling in the relaxing blue lighting…

But what remains my favorite encounter, is the otters. The cute mammals were resting against the glass wall when we found them. Laying on a bed of ice cubes (Brrrrrr) they were snacking on the same ice pieces and bits, taking them one by one in their little paws, and popping them in like candies. I had to wait quite a bit to be able to walk close to them, because children were gattered to watch our two (wet) furry friends. But it was well worth the wait, and I stayed there, in a near-hypnotised state, just enjoying the sight before I took this shot…

Just a simple memory… some random thought. Remembering the lucky Danish otters!

30 thoughts on “Random memory…

  1. It’s funny you mentioned Vikingland, though not surprising. I watched Expedition Unknown last night and it was all about whether Vikings landed in Notth America long before the faux discovery by Columbus (even though he never set foot on North American soil, but whatever). I believe they did. Us Vikings love the sea, and know our way around it. 😃😃

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    1. It is such a nice place… I wonder why it took me 3 visits to finally go there! Especially since the three times, I slept in a sailboat from where I could see the alien-like building 😉

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