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The best love story…



The best love story is a book half written.

Pages filled with a chance encounter, a chassé-croisé of mutual seduction, promised kisses, longed for caresses, and a handful of doubts and worries to get writer’s block. Love song lyrics, new perfume smell on the pillow, tears, laughters, cries and sighs…

It is a pen, scribbling everyday, tirelessly. Two hands holding it clumsily. Thoughts like threads of whool, knitting a blanket to warm two souls during the coldest winter nights. A breath of fresh air, and baskets of giggles to lighten the inevitable bumps on the road. And the light of two smiles, to overcome every storm.

More than anything, it is pages and pages, still blank and waiting to be filled. Holding their load of uncertainties, and their fair share of promises… No defined plot, no cliché “happy ever after”, just the pure hope that no one will feel necessary to ever use the two most heartcrushing words…

The end.


46 thoughts on “The best love story…

      1. As far as I am aware they never painted their faces and the name Braveheart was not in reference to William Wallace it was actually Robert the Bruce.
        But I get the not liking Mel Gibson I’m not a huge fan of his either with the exception of the Lethal Weapon films

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    1. Thank you for sharing your story… I don’t have enough time to finish reading it tonight, but I will tomorrow, and leave you a message afterwards! I have really enjoyed my reading so far 🙂

      I hope to see you again soon in The Cove!

      Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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