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Cyranny’s jukebox…



La Voix (in Québec), The Voice everywhere else, is a big tv show. I’ve talked about it before, because it is the perfect tv show for a blogger. It is (should be) all about the contestants’ voices, so you can look away from the screen while doing something else (writing).

I watch it every week… Mostly as a habit. But every once in a while, a nice surprise comes around the corner.

Yesterday, two contestants battled over a Celine Dion song. You might have heard about the lady? 😉  Here’s the original version of the song… “D’amour ou d’amitié”



And the show’s version…



I’m not a big Celine Dion’s fan, but I’m proud she’s from my little corner of the world, and that early song has always been one of my favorites…

I hope you’ll enjoy it too 🙂


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