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Cover Me, Won’t You…?



Lifting her hand up, reaching out

the covers, stretched to their limit,

uncovering her sleeping form

to my delight,


She sighed, but slept on

I admired her, content in her sleep

shivering a thought

which  vanished beneath her outstretched hand,


“Cover me won’t you”, she murmured to me,

The night is so cold, and my dreams are so frosty

and my thoughts hesitate on the slippery ground,

“Cover me”, she said again


I moved the blanket aside,

and lay next to her sleeping form,

just as her hand fell, and I caught it, before it found

another reason to awake,


“Warm thoughts”, she cooed to me,

“Nice of you to take your warmest blanket

and cover me with your kindness,”


Then drawing her blanket close

and sighing a sigh of contentment,

we both fell asleep in the warmth

of her most secure blanket….”

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