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Returning to Viborg…



There was no reason for boarding that train, and no reason for wandering the city’s nameless streets again…

None, but the hope of finding the answer to a question she had left there the year before.

She walked, passed den gamle biograf, and trusted her instinct with every right or left turn, not needing a map to find her way to the old Domkirke.

Standing in front of the church, the mystical feeling hit her again. She had her beliefs, but didn’t belong to a particular religion. Nonetheless, this sanctuary had spoken to her the moment she had passed its doors.

She entered, paid her 10 kroner due, and walked down the aisle, enjoying the silence of the chapel. The stairs down the crypt were dark, but not somber. The organ’s music started playing as she sat on a random bench, alone in the peaceful room.

She knew her request was written in one of the dusty guest books left for the visitors on the wooden table behind her. But she didn’t need to read her own words again. She remembered what her hand had left on the yellowed paper. She knew what she seeked back then, and wondered if she’d now find the enlightment she had longed for ever since.

Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t notice the footsteps on the stone floor. The religious music was still rocking her into a contemplating state when she felt the warm fingers covering her hand, shaking her out of her spiritual reveries…

“You came…” she murmured, “How did you know…”

She knew the answer to her question, but she needed validation, if just to hear his voice again.

“You said ‘meet me in Viborg’…”

She did. But she didn’t have much hope he would take her invitation seriously.

She smiled as she felt his arm around her shoulders, and she cuddled against his chest childishly, feeling her soul appeased, at last.




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