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Landloping in Langeland…

You’ve never been to Langeland, have you?

I’d like to take you… For it is for sure one of the most beautiful sides of Denmark. Langeland wasn’t on my itinary when I planned my trip around Vikingland. But I had the will to see Langeland’s wild horses in the back of my head every day…

“It is complicated to get there.” I was told. As long as “complicated” didn’t mean “impossible”, I could always push my luck!

So one morning, I deviated from my beaten path, and took a bus to Bagenkop…. No, not Bangkok, Bagenkop, but yeah, it does sound alike! After a nice ride, I got to the tip of Langeland, in a small, countryside village.


Du vil at se de vilde heste? (You want to see the wild horses?)

*Laughter* The elder at the bus station seem to wonder why a far away from home, travelling alone girl like me would expect to see the wild horses. Poor girl, he seemed to think…. Coming such a long way and all…

At least, you’ll have a nice walk…

He showed me the way to the park, a good walk from the village, but I was on my own Compostella-like path, and didn’t fear to walk the walk.

And my, oh my… I’ll let you judge.


I have a thing for cliffs. I don’t know why… But where are the wild horses, right? I really, really wanted to see the horses, but the day was starting to fade, and I didn’t want to miss the last bus out of Bagenkop. I kept an eye open, and did meet with a rather largish wild friend.


And my friend had a few friends of his own too… As you can see, there are no fences involved, so it was a pretty intense encounter in the woods. Had you been by my side, I might have played the insecure girl, and you could have played the brave one, saving me from the (very calm) wild ox. But you weren’t, so I kept eye contact with the chief of the pack until I was at a safe distance.

And just before getting out of the natural park, and calling it a day…


The wild horses! From a far distance, but still… I was so breath taken!

But the highlight of the day had yet to come. After a nice talk over the phone while walking my way back to Bagenkop (Noooo… not Bangkok!) I recogized a silhouette at the bus station.

The old Danish dude that had laughed at me.

So, young lady, hope you had a nice walk…. Did you get to see the wild horses? (ready to give me another giggle)

Yes, about 25 of them… And it was absolutely amazing!!

Bam! Lonely stubborn traveller 1 – Mocking elderly local 0

Wish you’d been there with me…

3 thoughts on “Landloping in Langeland…

  1. God knows I’d never be corky enough to be disrespectful to any elderly person, even if they were disrespectful towards me…. But this totally polite come back felt sooooooooooooooooooooooo good! 😉


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