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Surprise, surprise…

I got some visit from Denmark today.

If you’ve been following me the least bit, you know that is big. If you have not… It is big!

Yesterday I had had a call from Denmark… Not from a Dane per say, but that didn’t make any difference. Denmark called and I answered. And we had a great 20 minutes or so conversation.

This afternoon, as I was sitting on my couch, I heard something ringing. I first thought it was the phone again, but I soon understood it was the door! Who dared to come ring my doorbell, I couldn’t figure, probably some company sending someone to sell me something…

I went downstairs, and opened the door, unprepared for the upcoming surprise.

It was Him, my good friend from Denmark, standing at my doorstep. I was stunned, totally surprised. I shrieked, excited to finally meet him… I was so happy not to be wearing my usual pj-like pants, but I was far from presentable. Who cares, uh? Friends like eachother no matter the hairdo or the looks, or so they say…

I would have thrown myself at him to hug him. But something told me to keep my crazy spontaneity down a notch. Which paid off, knowing he had brought along his son and his dog… I don’t thing his dog would have minded me friendly-hugging its owner, but I don’t think his son would have appreciated my French-Canadian warmth.

Being a master storyteller, He told me about his latests ideas… Scoops about soon to be released tales nobody else knew about. As I had imagined, his eyes were shiny as he gave me a taste of what he was thinking about writting down. I felt privileged, as I do everytime I get a little preview on his work.

I was thrilled, but the surprise brought back my natural shyness… And I mostly stood there, watching and listening…

  • What? I come all the way from Denmark to make you practice, and you speak English to me?

Yeah, I know… I froze.

I don’t know when Denmark will visit again… But now I am prepared for it. And I have a feeling that when we sit down together next time, I’ll learn a lot… And maybe, just maybe, it will be the difference I need to get around ok in a month and a half 🙂

Come back anytime, my friend… Accompanied or not, it will always be a pleasure!


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