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Little Fears Present – Bolts Bad Day

  “Hit me again, man!” The old neon lights flickered annoyingly, giving a cheap stroboscopic feeling to every move the barman made, behind the counter. Bolt pushed his empty glass on the bar. “If I keep the refills coming, you’ll get totally hammered. You know that, right?” Bolt’s stare back was probably intended as a…… Continue reading Little Fears Present – Bolts Bad Day

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Do you know the Little Fears?

I bet you do... You must at least have bumped into one of their posts once, since you've been around the Bloggosphere, right? No?? Well, here's your chance to make up for that! Peter was one of the very first (brave) bloggers who joined The Cove and that I followed. His humor is unique, the man… Continue reading Do you know the Little Fears?

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Help me, help you!

I don’t like thinking about Christmas too far in advance. But, a couple of years back, I got caught having to make most of my Christmas shopping very last minute, and I swore to myself “never again!”. This year, I thought I would do something special. Since I’ve come to know many very talented artists…… Continue reading Help me, help you!