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A night in Copenhagen…



I had a dream about you last night…

I was walking around Copenhagen, which in itself isn’t surprising at all. Where else should my dreams take me, anyway?

The weather was nice, and the sun setting over the city, draping it in a warm and flattering palet of autumn colors. I was wandering pointlessly, the best way to go about any city, when I found myself at Tivoli Gardens.

To those of you not familiar with Tivoli, it is a legendary amusement park, built in the heart of the Danish capital. And there I was, probably thinking about getting myself a hot dog, when I entered the queue to get on a ride.

My gaze was wandering, enjoying being in Vikingland, when it happened.

I spotted you, just a few people ahead of me, in the queue. At first, I had a doubt, because it wouldn’t have been the first time I thought I had spotted you in a crowd, over the years. Also because, chance encountering you in that precise location made no sense at all (since when do dreams make sense anyway?).

I looked away, and then back. And there you stood still. But being ahead of me in the queue, I was looking at the back of your head, which meant that it still could be just a look alike person, and not you, though I did hope it was you.

You turned your head, just enough to offer me a profile look, and my doubts dissipated. You didn’t turn it enough to spot me, and never noticed my presence behind you. And I didn’t do anything to force any interaction between us.

You looked like you were doing good, which I hope you are.

But even my subcounscious didn’t want to mess with your will not to have anything to do with me anymore, I hope you’d admire that (if you were reading this, which you won’t, but hey, that’s life).

I know, for most people, that dream might seem so meaningless… But somehow, I hope that it might mean that your uncounsciousness has reached to mine in that fragile moment of sleep.

Then again, it probably didn’t mean anything. But I still wish you well all-the-same.

And looking back, it was a nice night out in Copenhagen.







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