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Watching out of the window, she couldn’t have hoped for a better way to start the day. Blue sky, bright sun… The temperature just warm enough to open the apartment’s windows, and the soft breeze was full of promises.

Yet, she just felt melancholic.

Exactly a year ago, she was standing right there, by the window. The rain had awakened her, and she had spent a good half hour staring out and following the path of the water drops running on the glass.

You sure ain’t the prude kind, are you, Beautiful?

She smiled. His voice was so deep and warm. Even when he whispered, it gave her sudden goosebumps. She could almost feel his gaze going up and down her bare back. She stood there, naked, hoping he enjoyed the view from her unmade bed. She could have mentionned that her vis-à-vis neighbour was blind, but she enjoyed giving him the feeling that she was just cocky like that.

She turned his way and leaned on the window. The coldness of the glass on her lower back surprised her, and she shivered a bit, trying not to lose her cool.

Usually, this would be just about the time she would pretend to have a busy day ahead of her, and bluntly thrown him out of her apartment with a promise to call him back soon. Which she would never do. Same old, same old.

But he was kind of different. Handsome, yet not the best looking guy she had dragged into her lair for a one night stand. She was really glad she had overlooked the fact that he wasn’t exactly her type.

She didn’t consider herself as shallow… Just a woman who knew what she wanted. She didn’t need a relationship, and she definately didn’t believe in Prince Charming. Building her company took most of her time, she invested herself completely in her business. But every now and then, her hormones kicked in, and she just went hunting in a downtown pub. There was only one rule, in her book; Never to pick up a local. She had quite an eye to spot the men that were just passing by, enjoying a vacation or simply in town for some short business.

The rain hit the window pane harder, and she turned away from him again. She heard him stretching over the bed, and reaching for his bag. Shortly after, a ”click”  resonated, and when she peeked over her shoulder, a professional camera was pointed her way. She wondered if he had noticed her mild blushing, when she was interrupted with a second hit on the trigger.

You didn’t mention you were a photographer…

His laughter filled the bedroom.

I don’t remember you showing any interest in my professional path, but I’d be glad to tell you more about it if you brew decent coffee.

She wished he would put the camera down. She didn’t mind standing nude before him, but the lense made her uncomfortably vulnerable. She wasn’t too used feeling that way, and he probably felt it, because he snapped one last shot before putting the camera back in his bag.

But not before you come back to the bed for a while…

He tapped on the bed, inviting her by his side. Lost in his grey gaze, hypnotized by his childish smile, she walked towards him, feeling as if he owned the place. When she got just close enough, he caught her by the waist and swinged her back into bed, playfully.

Before she knew it, they were having sex again, and she clearly remembered thinking, as his hot lips were slowly running down her belly, that this was the closest she had been, to being made love to. She gave in, surrendered to his dedicated touch, and lost touch with reality for a while.

When he walked out of the bathroom, after a long shower, she had prepared breakfast. Nothing fancy, a pot of coffee, fresh bread and jam, and a couple of fruit. She had never done that for any of her one time lovers before. And quite surprisingly, she noticed she was in no hurry to watch him pass the door.

Anything planned today? I have to go make a quick presentation downtown, for a book I am hoping to get published. But if you are free later tonight, I could pick you up for dinner… I’m only leaving on tomorrow morning’s train.

Of course she had a thousand things to do today! She pretended to have a mouthful, to catch a couple of seconds of reflexion. She was dying to spend more time with him, but it was so unlike her. She sipped on her coffee, and finally nodded.

Yeah, sure… Why not?

This smile, again. He ate the last piece of toast left on his plate, grabed his bags and trotted around the table to kiss her on her fronthead, before running to the door.

Great! Be ready arround seven… 

She remembered rushing to her bedroom window, while he was walking towards the street. She caught him just in time, just before he got to the sidewalk.

Hey! Heeeeyyy! What’s your name??

The few next seconds felt much, much longer.

He turned around, and waved with his free hand.

I’m Kyle!

He bowed down, a bit theatrically, and when he took the next step back, she heard the loud tire screeches. She now wished she had closed her eyes when the out of control black sedan appeared in her building’s entry arch.

Kyle probably hadn’t had time to be scared.

And mild consolation, he probably hadn’t had time to feel hurt.

It was exactly one year ago, that the first cops had found her crying, holding Kyle’s broken body, covered in rain and blood, on the sidewalk.

She hadn’t gone hunting since. Not once.

Coffee was ready on the kitchen counter, and she went to pour herself a mug, before sitting at the table where she had sat, with him. She pulled a package she hadn’t dared to open when she had gotten it, a few weeks prior. Opening the large enveloppe, she made the album slide from its wrapping.

Kyle’s book. Published post mortem.

Running her finger on the title, The Eternal Seek Of Beauty, she went straight to the end. There lay, as Kyle’s very last picture, the amazing shot he had taken of her in the nude, staring out of her window.

I guess we’ll both be eternal, now….







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