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Was this just a dream?



I have a feeling it must have been, but I want to believe it all really happened.



Is this just a painting? Probably… Then again, maybe not. It still feels so real!


Dear Lovelies…

It’s been a good couple of days since my last ”significative” post, and I must say, I am not sorry. The past five days, I have been totally (well… almost) disconnected, not only from The Cove, but from the Internets in general. It was the first time this happened to me in years, and I loved it.

Not because I was freed from technology, but because by doing so, I was blessed to connect with two of the most awesome people I’ve had the chance to meet in my life (No… I am not exagerating).

I wish I could start the storytelling of our 5 days adventures right now, but I am at the airport, and awaiting boarding to get to Cairns. It would be absolutely naive of me to think that I could even sum up what happened during this last week in a post. And I don’t want to spoil any of the amazing experiences we had by rushing things.


I can’t keep the secret anymore… And I know there’s someone else right here in the Bloggosphere who’ll soon have a lot to tell about our little journey (and in much better words than I could ever find myself!).

Many of you already know Miriam from Out An’ About. If you don’t, run to her blog her, and make sure you follow her. NOW! (If you don’t, don’t come back to me in a couple of months, crying about how much you’ve missed out on! I have warned you!)

I knew that Miriam was a very special, inspiring and as kind as it is possible to be, lady. I felt lucky that we had this connexion in the Bloggosphere, but it wasn’t more than that. Until Miriam mentionned in one of her posts that she wondered what it’d be like to take tourists on mini trips like the ones she and her husband were used to arrange for family and friends.

Chéri and I were starting to plan our trip to Australia, and I had this silly idea of asking her if she’d plan such an expedition for us… I waited, thinking I would get a polite ”that could’ve been fun, but we’re really busy and that won’t be possible” note. But shortly after my blunt request, I got a very enthusiastic ”Yes, let’s do this” message, and I was in shock!

The past week was the result of all the work Miriam and her incredible husband put through making us discover the Grampians Mountains and the Great Ocean Road. And what a success that was!

I wish I could tell you more, but we have to move towards the gate. I promise I’ll come back soon with the first snippets of our awesome adventures together. There was not one minute lost, and not one moment that we didn’t take the time to appreciate. In the meanwhile, please, do yourself a favor, and pay Miriam a visit here. If you don’t fall in love with Oz, you’re a little dead inside, hehehehehe.

I left Doug & Miriam’s hometown with teary eyes this morning… But they were tears of pure joy, after making what I hope to be life long, across the globe friends.

Watch out Cairns…. Here we come!!






5 thoughts on “Was this just a dream?

  1. Sounds as if you are having an amazing time!
    This time last year Goldfinch was paying his respects to the Ocean Road and the Grampions.
    Are you heading towards Adelaide?


  2. No, it definitely wasn’t a dream! Or, if it was, we shared the same one lol. Love this photo too. Seriously, we loved every minute of our time with you and it was a joy and a privilege to share some of our favourite spots with you both. Enjoy Cairns and the rest of your trip and can’t wait to read your posts down the track. Big hugs xx

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