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Just thinking…



Have you ever felt as if Life was trying to send you a message?

With the switch of years, I couldn’t help but take a moment to reflect on 2019. I know a lot of you, Lovelies had it rough the last twelve months. Losing loved ones, struggling with jobs, having a hard time with your relationships…

I can’t say that it was a bad year. An unsettling one for sure, and it was quite Rock’n’Roll to say the least, but I don’t think it was all negative. I prefer to consider it like a ”learning” year. It was a bit on the blurry side, because sometimes it just takes a while to let a new lesson sit in.

And as 2020 approached, I began getting signs. One of them was a post from Amanda ofΒ Something to Ponder About. Her Happy Lucky New Year wishes inspired me. In short, she explains how she did an experiment of positive thinking, last year, to see if it would bring her good luck. Unexpectedly, it seemed to work, and I thought… ”Why not?”

For some strange reason, ChΓ©ri also decided to check out our 2020 horoscopes, although neither of us believe in astrology. But weirdly, all the ”predictions” he read to me said that 2020 should be a year focused on realizing dreams.

There were one or two (or more) subtle signs, not really worth mentionning… But all in all, it was enough for me to conclude that I should start this new year with a positive attitude, and a will to put efforts in trying to make some of my bucketlist goal come true.

And with a little luck, or a little Universe help, or a lot of hard work (most likely), I shall get rewarded with a successful year.

I don’t know if I’ll get to walk on Vikingsland ground again this year, but if this plan of mine goes well, I am pretty confident I will. And it’ll be just the beginning of a new adventure.

Buckle up, Lovelies… The road will most likely be bumpy, but the ride should be fun!


10 thoughts on “Just thinking…

  1. We need all the help we can get, but positive thinking is never a bad thing. Is the glass half full or half empty? Do I wake up on the wrong side of the bed or the right side? Life has its lemons, we just roll with the punches πŸ˜‰ Happy New Year!


  2. Happy new year Cyranny! I believe that a lot of what comes to us is because of our determination and hard work. If you work hard but somewhere believe that tHis can’t happen, it will not happen. It’s okay to fear and be prepared for the worst, but still one shouldn’t lose hope.


  3. Now you have me curious to look up my horoscope. Regardless of what it predicts, I’m going to give it my all to succeeding my dreams and goals.
    Catherine… I just wanted to thank you from my heart for the lovely little gnome, elf, hygge. It truly touhed me, but it was more of what you had written in the card that brought such love to me. I am so grateful for the gift from your heart to mine. God Bless you!!! πŸ’–


  4. I am sorry to hear you had a less than ideal year, so it is really great that to have chosen to redesign your new decade and channel in good luck and more positivity. I love it and am so touched that you were inspired by my story. Keep believing!! It has already started happening!


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