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Cyranny’s quickie!




You get three wishes… One for your own good, one for your loved ones, and one for someone you don’t like. What do you wish for?



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7 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. For me: Peace of mind, for my loved ones: Contentment with what they have (so peace of mind); and for those I dislike: Unrest for the rest of their lives. No peace of mind for YOU!! Bwahaha. Seriously, I like this quickie. I’m going to borrow it and put it in next week’s SYW if that’s okay?

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  2. for me: an extra 300 dollars every month so we an afford our medicines…for a loved one…a release from their daily pain, for someone I don’t like? ohhhhhhh, I want them to become famous. (that’s more evil than it actually sounds..people following them, checking their trash for juicy gossip, never getting to go anywhere without paparazzi…muwhahaha)


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