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“Arctic ” Trailer



VOLUME UP to watch the official trailer for my new movie (Facebook/Instagram: @arcticmovie, Twitter: @arcticmov) – coming to theaters this February.

via Premiere: ‘Arctic’ Trailer — MADSMIKKELSEN .COM

7 thoughts on ““Arctic ” Trailer

  1. WARNING: Technically a spoiler!

    The woman in front of me at the cinema literally jumped out of her seat when the polar bear appeared… and it’s not as if we didn’t know it was coming!

    Loved the film but the ending was alarmingly Hollywood!

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    1. No worries about the spoiler alert… The bear is in the newest trailer, so I expected it 😉 I am kind of disappointed that the ending is Hollywoodish, but I am confident Mads will save the day 😛 Thanks for the comment!


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