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My broken body

like a dead leaf

blown around and

about, away far

away from the

warmth of his

ever soothing words…


Living on the hope,

hoping to crawl

my way back

to the greenhouse

where we used

to garden our dreams



Please leave the

door ajar…





5 thoughts on “Ajar…

  1. Oh wow! Gorgeous photo. I want to be there now! Sometimes it’s good to shut the door even though it hurts. If there’s hope from both sides, perhaps then it’s fine to leave the door ajar to let them plant and grow together. If not, and ajar door leads to pain. Midnight calls and nothing more.

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    1. Lots of wisdom in these words… It is true that leaving the door ajar when winter comes might lead to ruining a whole garden just because of the freezing breeze.

      Good food for thoughts… Thank you for being around to add depth to The Cove 🙂 Your comments are always very appreciated!

      Have a lovely Sunday! xx

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