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Needing clocks and calendars…

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Who is to say, that counting the minutes

the hours, the days is something that

is needed?


The time spent together measured in all non conventional ways,

the moments and fractions,

the movement of the solar system around

the center of the galaxy,

the sound of your breathing, the beat of my heart….


Is it important, to torture ourselves,

in saying that we were together

in minutes, then days, then months past?


I’d rather remember the beat of the Hummingbird

wings, the length of your smile, and the hesitation

between when I didn’t, then when I did,

kiss you…


Then take the blink of your eyes, demure

and add them to the measured steps

between you and I,

and subtract the longing and,

the anticipation,

the uncounted moments,

the fractions of sensations

the smallest detail

the distance between

the tips of our fingers,

our hands, then touching…


The synapses connecting,

the length of your smile

your smile,


The time between your smile and mine,

a distance no less than

the moments, shared


you and me….

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