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The Bright Eye of the Hound…



The road at night,

dark and lonely

the mists rising like embers

sending their own mists upwards,

and you and I sitting, and watching

the fire die down, as the heavens lit up

with lights and tales to tell, of the Hunter and

his Hound,

and I wove my stories, as our thoughts

entwined, and spoke about Red Giants, and their passage


the fading Winter skies,

and I pointed out, the bright Eye of the Hound,

but you just murmured, “If only we could be”

and I kept on talking, as the stars bowed out

to the day waking, the earth rotating,

and the fire dying,

I pulled your blanket of thoughts

closer to me, than I ever imagined,

and watched as the brightest Red Giant,

and the Hunter marched on, and the

Light of the Sunrise, peeked over the horizon

with only a memory, and thoughts that we shared

under the eye of the Hound, Sirius

watchful, and remembering

the mists on that highway, that brought me to

thoughts, of you and I

sitting and watching the embers

fade into the heavens,

and you saying something, and I falling

silent, remembering the stars

and you…….



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