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Do you mind?





her body, clothed

but then,


She started to undress,

first the first, then the second,

turning to watch me, watching



“Do you mind, Dearest?” asked I

involved in my voyeur tendencies

watching how she removed

each piece of clothing, not waiting

for me to undress her

with my eyes,


I leaned back, and waited

with breath, bated, and

eyes, roving, with no shame at all


“For you”, she said, “it doesn’t matter,

for you to watch, and not to leer,

and not to want, other than to consider

my form, in unclothed substance,

and wanting you to

undress me with your eyes, waiting

for your hands to touch

to caress, and then…”


Blushing I was, revealed in my plot

to possess her in that way,

with no blame of doing so

and no others to fight,

or compete with my eyes,


Which loved her the moment,

the minute, the second, the instant, she turned

and smiled at me,

and unclothed me with,

her stare,


Her smile, her lips,

beckoned, the shades were


And we became,

as one….



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