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Final countdown!



Honestly, up to this morning, I thought something would happen to ruin my reunion with Denmark… I feared coming up with a sudden fever, which would have meant not being granted with the right to board my plane (well, not actually my plane, but the one that’ll take me to Toronto before getting to my ultimate flight towards Copenhagen).

But I’m all good, and so is Chéri.

Freja’s at my parents’ house, neatly settled in my old bedroom after a quick back and forth trip between Montréal and Trois-Rivières. Our backpacks are almost ready, and unless badluck strikes us, in a little more than 24h, I’ll be doing a happy dance in Copenhagen again!

I won’t lie, I might get distracted, whilst abroad. And I appologize in advance for that.

But I’ll do my best to post a few words and many pictures on The Turtle’s Journey everyday. And I’ll try to repost everything in The Cove, along our way.

OMG! We’re going back to Denmark… For real. I didn’t want to believe it until it happened, but here we are.

Denmark is calling and I must go!

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