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Is it just me?…



It’s saturday night, and last week was a long and bumpy one, so I kinda let myself go down The Internets’ rabbit hole this evening. I was just scrolling, hoping to stumble upon something somewhat enlightning.

Very unlikely to happen, I’ll give you that.

To the very least, I hoped to get entertained and/or amused.

And came the video of a (white) woman, complaining about the fact that Band Aids were yet another proof of the white priviledge. And how unfair it was to people who had a different skin complexion. And how, as a teacher, she had witnessed kids with a darker skin tone get upset because Band Aids didn’t match their skin….

I honnestly got caught off guard with this one.

I had never realized that most Band Aids were a color loosely matching the average caucasian skin. And I never cared about the color of my Band Aids. I actually have more transparent and Hello Kitty themed bandages at home (and yes, I am 45 years old. Hello Kitty heals my flesh wounds in a much more fun way than the ugly beige plasters!) and when I cut myself (unintentionally, of course) I don’t give a dang about what you use to make my precious blood stay inside my body.

Apparently, other people feel differently, and I respect that.

But, I must say that I would hope this is a useless debate in 2023.

It might be true that the Band Aid company did ”design” their bandages to blend in with the most common skin complexion they made business with, back in the days…  But I don’t see any reason to start another racist fight because of that.

Seriously, I wouldn’t mind putting on dark brown bandages on my skin (if Hello Kitty isn’t available), if it makes anyone feel better.

I just feel like we don’t need to fight over details like that.

Instead, let’s work together to stop police profiling (for an example), because that’s a real issue. And let’s find a way to put the past behind us and walk ahead hand in hand at long last, without forgetting the terrible mistakes that were made in the past.

Let’s focus on the important things… Right?

Or is it just me?

5 thoughts on “Is it just me?…

  1. In the catering business they use, or should use, bright blue plasters so they show up if they drop in the food. If people had nothing better to think about they could campaign for blue so nobody could be offended!

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  2. I think things like these are not part of the main problem, but one of the tiny things that people are still fighting against. There are lots of little things that are easy to change but just no one bothers with, we cant move into the future when we are still clinging to things of the past.

    As an above comment, change them all blue, or with patterns on. Although even then, this might not help, if you dont want to draw attention to your wound

    Its not just a plaster, you can take that further that the majority of prosthetics are white, so while a plaster is a small thing, would you think its fair that a black person who has lost their arm, has to go around with a white prosthetic.

    As I say, it starts with a small thing, but when you look around, its actually a lot of things that are still very white that can be changed


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