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Advice, anyone?



Tonight I need your advice, my dear Lovelies.

First, let me set the picture. I have a rather small ”close” family. There is me (obviously), Mom and Dad, Little Bro, Mom’ mom (my last grand parent still alive), two aunts on Dad’s side (I had three but one of them passed away this late February) and… Two aunts and an uncle on Mom’s side.

Yesterday, I learnt that one of Mom’s sisters has only eight to nine months to live. She’s been diagnosed with an agressive cancer. It came as a shock. M, my aunt that died last month had been ill for more than 20 years, and her death was as close to a deliverance as can be. But P’s diagnostic is disturbing since she’s pretty younger, and always was pretty healthy and active.

And I had a thought.

Instead of waiting to spend money on flowers to put next to her coffin, I thought our family could create something like a gofoundme, to raise money to help her and her husband make the most of the time she has left. I know that she would probably see it as charity. But I’d really just like her to enjoy visiting her many children and grand children, before it is not possible anymore…

And I don’t want to miss the train anymore. The last time, I arrived late after a wait that had lasted more than 20 years. With an 8 to 9 months span, I feel like I need to act quickly.

So tell me. If you knew you were about to die, would you like your family and friends to do everything they can to make your life enjoyable, instead of waiting to spend that money on useless grave flowers?


Let me know.

9 thoughts on “Advice, anyone?

  1. I would say look for things that are in Canada. (Travel insurance would cost about as much as the trip) little treasures that are around.

    You may find her mindset will change on certain things. If she hated heights you might find her climbing mountains to sort of thing.

    But, in all honesty I would be led by her and want she wants

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  2. Yes!Go for it. Iagree with the suggestion of travelling in her home country as travel insurance would be impossible for her with her diagnosis. Also earlier rather than later to plan trips as later she may not feel well enough to travel at all. Good idea to run this idea past her husband as well.


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