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Cyranny’s quickie!



What’s one of the most hurtful thing someone has ever said to you?

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12 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. Dear Caramel, I have only one comment about that… Let people talk! You two are such lovely people, you shouldn’t worry about what others say. If you trust me, can you email me a mailing adress and your D-day date at please? I’d like to send you a little something before your wedding 😉 xx


  1. My parents were blue collar, hard workers, who worked hard and saved everything to make a better life for themselves and me. A dear friend of mine was lucky enough to have very wealthy parents, and she had no idea the struggles my parents had to go through and the sacrifices they had to make. My friend and I were going somewhere, and I was over at her house, and her grandmother very rudely, told her “she really should hang around with her own kind”. This was most definitely for my ears to hear, and 40+ years later, it still cuts to the bone.

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  2. I was walking down the street one day with an old friend who was undeniably good looking and super cool. We passed a particularly attractive young woman who recognised him and stopped to say hello, so he introduced me.
    “This is Brutus,” he explained to her, “we went to the school together.”
    She looked us both up and down sceptically before commenting, “that’s amazing. Because you don’t even look like you come from the same era.”

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    1. Whuuuut? You didn’t seem like you came from the same area?? I wonder if that same guy now has admirers abroad like you do? And even if he does, so what? You have fans across the world, or at least one from a far away country, and that’s pretty cool, right? 😉 xx


      1. We were walking down the street in Singapore about 30 years ago. Actually, he’s a really nice guy. Although Mrs Richmond has met him and described him as ‘a complete wanker’. But yeah, I got over it.
        In recent news, the town (small city) I have been adopted by recently contacted me to induct me into their ‘Hall of Fame’. Actually they contacted Mrs Richmond first, who said that I would probably refuse. But I didn’t. It seemed, to me, more arrogant to refuse than to accept.
        But it’s a bit silly. It’s a small group, and they’re putting me in there with Olympic Champions and science geniuses.
        They want to place a plaque in my honour in the Main Street. But, hell, why not. My great grandchildren probably won’t know what a very ordinary human I was. I just turned up to work regularly.
        And how are you, Buddy?


  3. About fifty years ago, a guy I knew whose girlfriend had dumped him was depressed and kind of desperate, so he started hanging around with me. (I wasn’t a total loser, and not at all unattractive at the time, but I was far from being his ideal woman, which is how I knew he was desperate.) Although he claimed to like me a lot, he was still in love with Nancy. One day he was musing on the subject of why he liked me, and he said, “It’s really easy to fall in love with someone who looks the way Nancy looks, but whatever it is I like about you, it isn’t your looks.”


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