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Cyranny’s quickie!


If you could, would you want to be immortal?

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31 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. I totally agree. Plus there’s the ”aging or not” thing. If I kept aging, I wouldn’t want to turn into an old witch-like lady, aching until the en of time. If I did stop aging, I’d be disappointed I didn’t get to choose earlier in my life, LOL

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  1. If I could have a positive affect on things in the future by being immortal, yes. But just to try to match Methuselah and bump around the world as an old codger without any positive contribution I think would get boring. If anything is to be learned from history, carrying those lessons forward and trying to prevent the same mistakes would be a good thing…assuming future people will listen better than we do now.


  2. There have been books ,etc., written about mankind’s being incapable of death, one recently in Portuguese. Other problems (disease, pain, unhappiness, suicide attemps, etc.) don’t go away. For that reason, the lack of ability to die would be an absolute and irrevocable nightmare.

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  3. The universe is only apparent via my own perception. If I cease to exist (God forbid!) then the universe, and time itself, comes (goes?) with me. Time and space will be rendered imperceptible.
    I am already, therefore, immortal.

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