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Gibraltar… Check!


If you’re a regular in The Cove, you know about my love for flags. If you are new here, well… I love flags. My WordPress statistic flags, that is.

I’ve long understood that focusing on my blogging stats is wrong. But collecting flags… Sir, yes Sir!

Here is my current ”All time” (more accurately ”last 5 years”) world map:


As you can see for yourself, Greenland and Svalbard still haven’t visited me… But we’ll worry about this later.

Because today, another very special flag appeared on my hunting board.

Drumroll… Who am I kidding? You’ve read the title, right?

So yes, Gibraltar has finally tip toed in The Cove. But why is it so special? Well, actually, years before falling in love with Denmark, I did have a major crush on Gibraltar.

In all honesty, back then, it was a foursome (I know, I was wild and young). With two very close friends (you have to be close to share such a crush) I developped a true obsession for Gibraltar.

We knew pretty much everything there was to know about it, and that was back in the times when people couldn’t rely on The Internets to serve them all the foreign fun facts on a silver platter.

I remember one specific night when we were just chatting over a beer, and I put a map of Gibraltar on the coffee table. I explained to my two dear friends that Gibraltar’s border with Spain seemed to be blocked by the airport’s landing strip.

Can you imagine if they had to cross the landing strip to get in and out of Gibraltar? And if there were little train-like fences going down everytime a plane was about to land, with the ”Ding! Ding! Ding!” bell warning drivers??

We laughed. A LOT.

Not at Gibraltar. No we just thought it would be so very cool if we were right. And you know what? We were.

Check this out:

This is not the only cool thing about Gibraltar. But I thought it was worth mentionning.

Greenland and Svalbard, I’m still waiting for you too!

And Denmark… You’re still my one and only. Love ya!!

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